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3 Benefits of a Separate Mobile Website

By In Web Design On May 30, 2014

Benefits of a mobile website

Every small business owner should know that mobile use has grown to a point that it’s essential to have a responsive website for mobile users. This means that a business website has to display and function properly on all devices, not just computers; but tablets and smartphones as well. A good mobile experience can be achieved in one of two ways—via a single website built with responsive CSS or via the creation of a separate mobile website. Sometimes it’s cheaper for a business to build a separate mobile website if their current website does not support mobile viewers.  Here are three reasons why you should get a separate mobile website:

1) Simplified Setup

It is less time and cost intensive to set up a unique site for mobile users than it is to code and create a fully responsive website.

2) Optimal User Experience

When creating a site for both desktop and mobile platforms, some sacrifices must be made on both sites. Keeping the sites separate can offer better performance. For example, a site designed specifically for mobile devices will feature faster page loading than a site that must accommodate all platforms.

3) Better Banner Ad Opportunities

Graphical elements such as calls-to-action or banner ads are easier to incorporate into a non-responsive mobile site. This is because responsive design by nature makes it difficult to add these elements.

When making the decision between a responsive or separate site, you should also consider the state of your existing site. If your site is currently performing very well, it may simply not be the time to make changes to it. Take the time to research both options and balance out the pros and cons of each with your business and user experience needs. The right choice for your business may not be the right choice for another business so be sure not to be overly swayed by others’ actions.

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