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7 Useless Web Hosting Features to Lure Customers In

By In Web Hosting On August 1, 2014

Useless web hosting features

Web hosting is an extremely competitive business. Companies must constantly lure customers with features and pricing. As they do this, they may tout some features that are unnecessary or not as great as they initially sound. Here are some of these “advantages” to be on the lookout for:

1. Support for Awstats and Webalizer

If you’ve never heard of these, don’t worry. They’re antiquated and have been displaced by Google Analytics. Promoting these features could be a flag that a host may not have much else to offer.

2. Free Google Analytics

Free? Wow! Before you get too excited about this, remember that Google Analytics is free to everyone and you do not need a web host to set up your own account.

3. 24×7 Email Support Option

You can email anyone at any time. Will you actually get an email response 24×7? Can you chat with a representative at any time? What about live phone support?

4. Broad Platform Support

A web hosting vendor can “house” your website no matter what platform it is built upon. What differentiates hosts in this category is the availability of support for certain platforms or simplification of site installs.

Support for DHTML and Javascript

These things run completely on your side of things. Your web host has essentially no bearing on them.

99% Uptime Guarantee

This is a statistic to turn around. This translates into more than 87 hours of downtime per year. Look for vendors that offer nothing less than 99.9% because, yes, that extra 0.9% really does matter.

Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth

There are real costs associated with hosting websites and vendors will recoup them somewhere. This may be in the form of CPU usage thresholds or other caps in exchange for the storage and bandwidth. Read the fine print here carefully.

Stopping for a moment to think about the features you are presented with can help you to identify areas of true value to you. The items above are great examples of this. It can be daunting to shop for web hosting but the more you learn about the service and the functions, the easier it can be to weed out “real” benefits from those that are contrived just to make a sale.

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