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The Basics of Advertising on Twitter

By In Web Design On April 30, 2014

The basics of Twitter Advertising

We wanted to post some basic info on Twitter advertising. If your business is considering advertising on Twitter, you should understand a few basic things before you launch in. First of all, it is important to know that Twitter ads are not really ads at all. They are actually promotions of your tweets or your account, referred to as promoted tweets or promoted accounts.

Promoted Tweets vs. Promoted Accounts

As the names imply, a promoted tweet is the highlighting of a single message whereas a promoted account is bringing visibility to your entire Twitter presence.

Promoted tweets are best suited to messages focused on individual products or services or where you want to generate immediate action. Promoted accounts are best suited to messages that are designed to get more followers.

Targeting Your Ads

When you choose either a promoted tweet or promoted account campaign, you must select your audience. You can target by a variety of factors—keyword, device, category, gender or account followed. This gives you a great level of flexibility to narrow your audience for maximum effectiveness of your campaign.

After you select your target audience, you identify your bid. In this process, you will also assign a daily and overall maximum bid level.

The Whole Twitter Ad Cycle

Watching your response rate and activity is one of the best ways to help you determine future campaigns. Regularly review your metrics and make adjustments accordingly. Doing this will help you get the most out of your Twitter ads.

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