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A Beginner’s Guide to SEO, Part I

By In Web Design On April 3, 2014

SEO for beginners - Part 1

Search Engine Optimization can seem like black magic to some. And that’s not to be confused with “black hat” which you should never do! However SEO is quite complex. Between the range of things that contribute to it and the changing rules and guidelines set by Google and Yahoo/Bing, it is no wonder that many businesses are virtually afraid of SEO. While this is understandable, you cannot afford to let such fear stand in the way of your SEO efforts.

Following are some of the most important things for a beginner to focus on when first implementing SEO tactics.

Use Keywords Wisely

Anyone new to the world of SEO no doubt hears a lot about keywords and how they either matter so much or don’t matter at all anymore. The truth is actually in the middle. Keywords are important but should be used naturally in your content—and not overused.

Use Good Content for Your Entire Website 

Make sure your website’s content is relevant and well-written. It is incredibly important to use helpful content that has your keywords embedded in. If you don’t have useful content for the reader, your website won’t likely rank.

Be Cautious with Links

If you are new to SEO and are doing a little research about it, you’ve probably heard something about building backlinks to your website. Inbound links can help your site, but only if they come from reputable and related sources. Always go for quality, not quantity in this area.

Put Meta Tags and Page Descriptions to Work for You

These features affect how many people click on a search listing through to your site. Your site traffic is one component of your search ranking. Make sure that your meta tags and page descriptions sell well to get this benefit.

Make Mobile a Priority

In every aspect of your site, mobile functionality and search should be a top concern. As growth in this area continues rapidly, ignoring mobile search functionality will leave your business behind all too quickly.

The above actions can serve to be a good introduction into your SEO work. Like many things, you can’t always do everything at once so pick a few actions, do them well and then add more as you go. Check back to get more tips that you can add to your burgeoning SEO repertoire.

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