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Best Web Hosting & Website Builders for Artists

By In Web Hosting On July 6, 2014

best artist web hosting

A truly functional artist’s website must be able to accept a large number of high quality image files without denigrating the overall site performance. This can leave many artists wondering how to select a web host that will serve their needs. Below are five web hosting providers that offer good functionality for artists:

1. SmugMug

For the artist who wants to sell his or her work as well as show it, SmugMug can do the job. This platform offers high-definition video hosting, good security and integration with iPads and iPhones.

2. Deck

Drag-and-drop functionality makes using Deck easy. Users can also customize all coding and enjoy a site with no Deck branding. Google Analytics integration provides data for ongoing measurement.

3. Dunked

Ideal for the less technical crowd, Dunked offers mobile responsive designs. It also accepts video and audio files in addition to images.

4. deviantART

For artists who want to use their own domains and logos, deviantART is a good option. Sites accept unlimited portfolios and are compatible with mobile platforms and most browsers.

5. IM Creator

Another platform that allows people to use their own domains, IM Creator also provides integrated SEO tools. The easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface and drag-and-drop functionality are hard to beat.

Each of these hosting options has unique features and strengths. Artists should identify their top needs and then match those to the hosting provider for maximum benefit.

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