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Bing Ads Now Display Twitter Followers Too

By In Social Media On October 17, 2014

Twitter followers on Bing

If you advertise on Bing (or Yahoo!, which is the same network), you may soon see your Twitter followers appearing next to your ads.

The new feature is still in test, and screenshots show us that it looks a lot like Google’s Google+ follower count in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

The idea behind both is to inspire trust by showing how popular a brand is.

About the Change

According to The SEM Post, the ads don’t appear on mobile devices, although this could change, since it’s a new feature. They do appear in desktop search results.

The follower count is displayed next to the ad. If the ad has ratings next to it, the follower account is pushed off to the right.

It’s not clear if this is an automated link, or whether Bing advertisers have a new tool that is letting them connect their accounts together.

Since Twitter has more users than Google+, and a longer track record, it could be more useful to searchers than seeing the number of Google+ circles someone is in. This is particularly true since Google withdrew its Authorship support, a program which was propping up Google+ almost single-handedly.

Bing, Google and Twitter

Bing and Twitter have long teamed up to ensure tweets are continually shown in search results. This is a long-term arrangement that Google does not have, meaning Bing is a better option if you need instant feedback on an unfolding news story.

While Twitter has its own search function, it’s arguably less user-friendly than Bing. The search engine displays them on its social search page, as well as in regular SERPs.

The news proves that Bing is upping its game again, and Twitter compatibility is one area where it has a definite advantage over its arch rivals.

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