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How to Create Your Own Nameservers

If you resell hosting, or simply want to create a professional image for your brand, you can set up your own nameservers for your site. That means your domain name will be pointed at and, instead of the...

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iOS 8 Brings Bing Spotlight to iPhone

Apple has announced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus at last, and many of the rumors were proven to be accurate. The new smartphones benefit from Near Field Communications (NFC) and larger screens, and that screen space will be used...

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Facebook News Feed Improved With Unfollow

Facebook has changed the way it’s News Feed works in an effort to help users find what they want. The new update gives you a quick overview of the people and companies appearing most frequently. If you want to get...

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How to Capitalize on Black Friday Searches

Black Friday is an annual shopping bonanza, and its electronic cousin, Cyber Monday, is fast catching up. Whether you run an e-commerce store alone, or a bricks and mortar store too, late November is a golden opportunity. Over the Thanksgiving...

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Facebook Backs Down On Real Name Policy

Facebook has backed down on its controversial policy of forcing users to use their real names. Users will be able to use a name of their choosing, but they will only be able to update their name every 60 days....

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Google Reveals Some GoogleBot Secrets

Google has revealed some secrets about how and why it crawls our websites. The insight was revealed at SMX East, a massive search marketing conference taking place in New York this week. An analyst working with Google Webmaster Trends, Gary...

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Google Update Kills Private Blog Networks

Google has just released another update to its algorithm. This time, private blog networks are in its firing line. Private blog networks are essentially made up of a cluster of sites, all related to each other, and all linking to...

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Penguin 3.0 Rolled Out Globally

Google has unleashed another march of the angry penguins as its new Penguin 3.0 refresh rolls out. The update is thought to affect around 1 percent of queries made in English on Google’s various sites around the world. It may...

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Bing Ads Now Display Twitter Followers Too

If you advertise on Bing (or Yahoo!, which is the same network), you may soon see your Twitter followers appearing next to your ads. The new feature is still in test, and screenshots show us that it looks a lot...

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Local Search Report Reveals Not Much Has Changed

Moz has revealed its local ranking factors study for 2014. The big surprise is… well, there are no surprises. Local search has not changed a great deal since 2013, and the same important lessons ring true this year. Local search...

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