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Go Daddy and Stripe Partner For Simple eCommerce Payments

Go Daddy has announced that it will be offering small businesses Stripe integration on selected hosting plans. The news was posted on the Go Daddy blog on Thursday. The hosting company says that Stripe will help businesses accept credit card...

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Extra Freebies to Look For When You Buy Web Hosting

Every web host wants to acquire more customers, and most offer free gifts to make their packages more appealing. When you sign up for a new hosting account, there are some free goodies and offers you’ll be awarded once your...

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How to Choose a Green Web Host

Data centers are some of the biggest drains on the global power grid. Huge amounts of energy are used to power servers, often stacked into racks in their dozens. All of this equipment is switched on round the clock, so...

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Namecheap Hack Contained After Brute Force Attack

Namecheap customers were the victims of a hack this week, as stolen details from other sites were used to log in to user accounts. According to Matt Russell at Namecheap, the usernames and passwords were probably obtained in August by...

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iOS 8 Will Change the Search Market

Despite the bizarre name, DuckDuckGo is becoming one of the world’s favorite search engines. Its popularity is driven by its commitment to user privacy, something that major search providers don’t prioritize. By ditching things like tracking cookies, DuckDuckGo breaks free...

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Google Is Answering More Questions Before You Even Search

Google Now is a sign of things to come. The search giant wants to offer information before you ask for it; to predict your questions before they are posed. This is proven by its search answers: the box under the...

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Yahoo and Bing Testing Out a New Look

In 2014, design trends are moving towards big, big images. Perhaps Facebook started the trend with Timeline, but one thing is for sure: huge photos are here to stay. Just look at GoDaddy’s new home page compared to the old...

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How to Avoid a Spam Penalty on Bing

When it comes to SEO, we almost always talk about Google, but Bing has a role to play. Windows devices (and some others) default to Bing for search, so it should always be a part of your optimisation strategy. This...

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What is the Best ColdFusion Web Host?

ColdFusion is great for any developer who wants to quickly build a web application or website, and then have the ability to easily launch and maintain it. Since it debuted in the mid 90’s, ColdFusion has helped thousands of web...

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Is GoDaddy a good web host?

GoDaddy is a well known name on the internet. It is widely recognized as a domain name registrar, but it also provides web hosting services to its customers as well. GoDaddy offers 3 basic web hosting packages under the shared...

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