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Is A Small Orange a Good Web Host?

A Small Orange may not have quite the name recognition of GoDaddy, 1and1, or some other web hosts but it is no newbie either. A Small Orange was founded and is operated by folks with more than sufficient industry experience....

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Facebook “Buy” Button – Everything You Need to Know

Facebook is currently testing a Buy button, a new feature that will allow its users to purchase goods and services through the site. The button appears below adverts and Page posts at the bottom right hand corner. The Buy button...

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3 Budget-Friendly E-Commerce Web Builders

Businesses looking to start or transition their e-commerce activity may have limited budgets with which to work at first. Fortunately, there are many free or low-cost web builders that can help them get their efforts off the ground – and...

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Onsite vs. Offsite Blogging – Which is Blog Choice is Best?

Whether or not a particular blog should be hosted from the main site or on a separate platform is a decision that many businesses wrestle with. There is no one right answer or wrong answer. It usually boils down to...

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7 Useless Web Hosting Features to Lure Customers In

Web hosting is an extremely competitive business. Companies must constantly lure customers with features and pricing. As they do this, they may tout some features that are unnecessary or not as great as they initially sound. Here are some of...

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The Best Month-to-Month Web Hosting

Looking for a web host that offers a hosting package priced on a month to month basis? Because there isn’t much demand for it, there really aren’t that many web hosts out there that allow customers to purchase only 1 month’s worth...

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GoDaddy Web Hosting Overview – The Pros & Cons

GoDaddy made its name as a domain name registrar back in 1997 when it was founded. Since then, the company moved its way into the web hosting market as well. Leveraging its popularity from the domain registration side of things, GoDaddy has become...

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Best Web Hosting & Website Builders for Artists

A truly functional artist’s website must be able to accept a large number of high quality image files without denigrating the overall site performance. This can leave many artists wondering how to select a web host that will serve their...

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The Relationship Between Social Media and SEO

Social media and SEO have commonly been looked upon as separate activities within many companies. However, that approach is sure to lose some of the benefit that could be gained when social is considered a tactic in an overall SEO...

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iPage vs. HostGator – Which Web Host to Use?

You need web hosting and you stumble upon two popular web hosting companies, iPage or HostGator. Can’t decide which one is better? Both are two of the bigger names in the world of web hosting, but did you know they are...

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