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What Social Media Platforms Should Your Business Use

With a seeming explosion of different social media sites, small business owners and marketers can feel overwhelmed when trying to choose which platforms they should be using. Most small businesses do not have the bandwidth to be active on all...

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10 Steps to a Killer E-Commerce Website

After getting a customer all the way through the selection process to the shopping cart, it is the job of the checkout process to finish the job. Fortunately, there are some relatively simple things that businesses can do to encourage...

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Why iPage Web Hosting is Great for Small Websites & Blogs

Looking for a good web hosting company to host a small website or blog? iPage is a great choice for just such a thing. We highly recommend iPage for those who want to start a personal website or blog because...

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Local Search Benefits of Video

Creating and uploading video content to your YouTube channel can help benefit your website in many ways. For local businesses, it can assist with local search results. Video can be a very beneficial means for your viewers as well. The...

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3 Benefits of a Separate Mobile Website

Every small business owner should know that mobile use has grown to a point that it’s essential to have a responsive website for mobile users. This means that a business website has to display and function properly on all devices,...

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How a Blog Can Help Your Website’s SEO

With the today’s emphasis on content marketing, having a blog on your website can really create positive effects on your website’s SEO results. A blog can be attached to your website or hosted separately. Either way, getting a blog is...

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Twitter Chat Follow Up

Twitter chats offer businesses a great way to showcase their knowledge, build trust, and increase visibility. If you are planning on hosting a Twitter chat, you no doubt have a checklist of things to do before and during your event. However,...

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4 Great WordPress Themes for eCommerce Websites

Businesses looking to build robust e-commerce websites in WordPress have many options available in the world of WordPress themes. Each one offers something unique and typically caters to a certain business type or need. Below is an overview of four of...

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The Synergy of Facebook and Twitter Together

Today’s social media realm includes a virtual plethora of platforms. Businesses can easily be overwhelmed by the number of sites that they could or should be present on. Most small and even medium sized businesses truly cannot be sufficiently active...

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Best Website Builders That Are Easy to Use

Want to build your own website? People looking to build a website with little time and financial investment will need to find a simple and cost effective solution. That solution is the finding the right website builder. There are many...

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