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Facebook News Feed Improved With Unfollow

By In Social Media On November 26, 2014

Facebook News Feed Unfollow

Facebook has changed the way it’s News Feed works in an effort to help users find what they want.

The new update gives you a quick overview of the people and companies appearing most frequently.

If you want to get rid of one, you can simply click to delete it forever.

The change has been rolled out on the desktop version of Facebook, and also on the mobile app.

How to Change this Setting

  • Go to Facebook, then click Settings, then Manage News Feed.
  • You’ll see the People, Pages and Groups that appeared most frequently in the last week.
  • You can then unfollow any irritating sources in a single click.
  • The unfollowed items are saved so that you can refollow them later.

News Feed Improvements

The Facebook news feed is controversial for many users who feel that it does not reflect the items they want to see. It’s possible to see Most Recent updates, rather than the ones Facebook deems most appropriate, but this setting can randomly switch itself back.

But Facebook is hungry for content, and it knows that we post more if our friends post. In order to top the balance, it needs to give users more of what they are hoping to see.

This is particularly relevant now that many users have been on Facebook for more than five years, and have therefore built up a catalog of hundreds of Pages and Groups – plus a few random Friends they don’t even remember.

This isn’t the only feed update. Facebook has already taken steps to give people more updates from Friends and less clutter from Pages, and making sure updates from Friends and Pages are shown at an appropriate time. Facebook is using its algorithm, along with trending topics and other metrics, to make News Feed more relevant for us all.

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