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Extra Freebies to Look For When You Buy Web Hosting

By In Web Hosting On October 10, 2014

web hosting freebies

Every web host wants to acquire more customers, and most offer free gifts to make their packages more appealing. When you sign up for a new hosting account, there are some free goodies and offers you’ll be awarded once your account is set up and active. Some of these may be useless, but others could help you save some extra bucks.

What to Look For

Here’s our guide to some of the best free gifts and vouchers available.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) ads get expensive fast, so grab all the help you can get. Some hosting accounts offer various credits, codes and vouchers for some of the world’s biggest PPC networks. Google AdWords vouchers give you a great kick start; you should get a voucher for at least $50 (and often up to $100)
  • Yahoo!/Bing also have a PPC network, as does Facebook. You should look for a voucher for one or both. Lower values are common, so expect to get around $25-$50 of free credit to try out their ad platforms
  • Some hosts provide free dedicated IP addresses so that you can isolate your site on the web. IPv4 addresses are becoming more scarce, so this is being offered less frequently, but some hosts will give you a couple of IPs (and some considerably more)
  • 1 Click Installers make life a lot easier if you’re setting up your site. Check out the installer package to make sure the apps you need are included for free
  • A website builder makes getting online easy if you’re not technically minded. Check the terms: some only allow a few pages before you have to pay, while others let you build a full ecommerce site
  • Themes and templates are great to have, no matter what Content Management System (CMS) you choose. Some hosts offer a selection of free or low-cost themes for platforms like Joomla and WordPress
  • Many hosts give you a free domain when you sign up. Even if you don’t need a new domain for your business, consider using the voucher to buy an alternative version of your brand name. Just check what happens to the domain if you cancel your hosting package

The Best Packages

If you bag the right cheap hosting, the free gifts will cancel out the cost of a year’s plan. Take iPage for example. It offers low cost hosting and a generous bundle of extras:

  • The first term currently costs $1.89 for iPage shared hosting
  • The renewal rate of a new term will cost $9.99 each
  • You get a free domain worth $10 to $15
  • You also get nearly $500 of extras, including those vital AdWords vouchers

If you can make good use of those extras,  your iPage hosting essentially pays for itself. So the next time you need web hosting, look at all the extra goodies each web host has to offer.

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