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Benefits of Free Managed Hosting for WordPress

By In Web Hosting On February 26, 2014

WordPress free & managed or self hosted

There are many situations where a self hosted WordPress blog provides powerful advantages, but there are also simple benefits to sticking with a free WordPress blog. There are times when changing your entire setup simply isn’t worth the hassle. Although it may always seem that choosing a self hosted solution is the best option over the generic platform of WordPress, you should always think carefully about changing your hosting platform before doing so. Below are a few reasons that it’s beneficial to stick with a self hosted WordPress blog.

It’s Free! is free. You don’t have to deal with hosting fees or domain name changes. Those that blog for personal causes or pleasure may particularly like this benefit. With the free option, you have more freedom to write when you want without pressure to keep your blog up on a regular basis.

It’s Safe! Hackers often target self hosted blogs because the security configurations are typically poor. If a hacker is hoping to exploit your website, the first place they’ll go is to your login pages or dashboard sites. With WordPress, all security is managed for you, and all you have to do is create a strong password.

It’s Backed Up! If you have a website, you’ve probably broken it at some point with a critical error. Some hosting platforms require you to manually back your website up each day, but WordPress backs up your website for you. Your website is always covered without taking up additional space or overwhelming your server with regular backups.

It’s Simple! Once your website becomes popular, you’ll start receiving more hits from visitors, hackers, bots and spammers. Combined together, this traffic can launch a major attack on your site. At this point, you’re forced to come up with a solution that requires constant management regarding who can access your site. With WordPress, traffic management is taken care of for you.

It’s Fast! With WordPress, you save valuable time that is typically spent optimizing page loading speed. Even a few milliseconds can make a huge difference in your site, and with a basic WordPress blog, the hosting company takes care of this headache for you. No matter what size your website is or the level of traffic you receive, your pages will always load quickly.

It’s Preserved! If something tragic happens to you and you die, your website will expire as soon as you quit making payments. With WordPress, your site is preserved forever and remains fresh.

Above are some good reasons why you should use the free, managed hosting version of WordPress. If these reasons still dont suit you and your website, then you should consider self hosting your blog. Take a look at the best WordPress web hosting services for a WordPress blog/website.

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