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Get Started Tips for WordPress

By In Web Hosting On February 18, 2014

WordPress Dashboard

Even though WordPress is fairly user friendly, a new platform can be daunting for any user to navigate. While your personal situation may play greatly into how you manage your site, here are a few simple how-to steps for those with no WordPress experience.

Navigating the Dashboard

The back end control panel of WordPress is known as the dashboard. Everything your website does is centered on the dashboard. On the dashboard you’ll find controls and menus for every piece of your site, including social management and all your publishing tools. Choose the “Right Now” option on the dashboard to see a top-down view of what your site looks like in real time. The dashboard site makes it easy to log in, quickly post something and log back out.

Publishing Made Easy

If you’ve logged in to your dashboard, it’s most likely to publish something. You’ll gain more momentum with great content right off the bat than with any other tool. Posts provide visitors with a regularly updated stream of information, while your pages are unchanging and provide the foundational stability of your site. Use the posts and pages wisely and your site will be navigated easily, allowing you to add great content quickly and easily in the future.

Comments, Plugins and Themes

It’s easy to get caught up in the variety of themes and plugins that can make your site interesting and exciting. Rather than focusing on the extras, pay closer attention to your content than your presentation. Functionality and style are important, but not at the expense of quality content. Use these rules for your themes and plugins.

  • Post three times before you are allowed to choose a new theme.
  • Add two plugins each week.
  • Reply to new comments within a maximum of one day.

Getting Started with WordPress

Even when you’re not sure what to do with your website, it’s a good first step to start publishing content. The default themes are simple, user-friendly and flexible, and there’s always time to change your theme at a later date. Start putting up quality content even before your site is created perfectly. Need WordPress web hosting? Check out our best WordPress web hosting awards.

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