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Go Daddy and Stripe Partner For Simple eCommerce Payments

By In Web Hosting On October 13, 2014

Go Daddy and Stripe Integration

Go Daddy has announced that it will be offering small businesses Stripe integration on selected hosting plans.

The news was posted on the Go Daddy blog on Thursday.

The hosting company says that Stripe will help businesses accept credit card payments without hassles and high fees.

Why Stripe?

Stripe is essentially a credit card processing platform that charges a percentage fee for every payment it processes. This avoids the need for a merchant account, which can be complex to set up and expensive to run. Often, accepting credit cards means passing a credit check, and this can be a hurdle many businesses struggle to clear.

Go Daddy identified payment processing as a major headache for its customers, so it is confident that the new integration will make sales easier and faster. Stripe is also a lot more affordable than a merchant account for small businesses that would struggle to justify a fixed monthly fee. Crucially, Stripe is slightly cheaper than PayPal, although users simply enter their credit card details rather than using a login and password.

Sandeep Grover, head of Product, Presence and Commerce, said that Go Daddy wanted to remove some of the “pain points” that make e-commerce stores a hassle. Stripe’s president John Collinson said that Stripe made professional payments more acceptable to small businesses.

Buying Hosting

The Stripe tools will be offered on some of Go Daddy’s e-commerce hosting plans. The new service will be branded as ‘Go Daddy Online Store with Stripe’, and it will be available to customers in several countries: the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and Ireland. Go Daddy says the product is launching this fall, so eager entrepreneurs should not have to wait long to try it.

For more information, read our review. To sign up to a new eCommerce hosting plan, head over to the Go Daddy website now.

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