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GoDaddy Web Hosting Overview – The Pros & Cons

By In Go Daddy, Web Hosting On July 9, 2014

GoDaddy web hosting pros and cons

GoDaddy made its name as a domain name registrar back in 1997 when it was founded. Since then, the company moved its way into the web hosting market as well. Leveraging its popularity from the domain registration side of things, GoDaddy has become the largest web host/domain registrar in the world. But, just how good of a job has GoDaddy done with web hosting? Could it offer what your business needs in a web host? If you’re considering GoDaddy for web hosting, here’s a quick overview:

Should I Buy Web Hosting from GoDaddy?

Like most things in life, there are pros and cons to GoDaddy’s web hosting offering. Additionally, what one person considers a pro, another may consider a con and vice versa. That can make assessing the viability of GoDaddy as a web host a bit tricky but what it really means is that you have to take the responsibility to learn what GoDaddy offers and then compare that to what you need. It is from this point that you should make your choice. Here are some of the primary features for GoDaddy’s web hosting and their associated benefits or potential downfalls:

GoDaddy Numerous Features

It would be hard to find a web hosting provider that offered more features that GoDaddy. To many, this is something to commend. To others, however, the fact that GoDaddy limits many of its best features to its more expensive plans is a negative. Here is a great example of how your needs will determine if this is a good or bad thing for you. In all reality, it is highly likely that most people needing a single website hosted will get the functionality they need in the basic package.

GoDaddy Ease of Use

GoDaddy actually does a great job of being fairly easy to use and accommodating anyone from beginner to advanced users. In the past, they used to have problems with this. But they’ve now come along way and upgraded their control panel to a customized cPanel, making it more user friendly to manage.


GoDaddy’s security is robust but also restrictive. Without some rather awkward workarounds, websites cannot take advantage of wiki’s, forms, or other useful elements because the hosting security blocks such content.

Support and Uptime

GoDaddy offers the standard 99.9% uptime guarantee and from our monitoring, GoDaddy certainly meets that. Their phone and email support ranks well, but lacks a live chat. Their commitment to support ends rather abruptly for people wishing to migrate their sites to other hosts and the process can be frustrating.

GoDaddy & WordPress

Many people buy web hosting with the intent of using a WordPress website. GoDaddy offers great support for WordPress integration, including many automatic features for those folks who want someone else to take control. However, these automatic features can be a bit frustrating for advanced users who want to install their own plugins/settings.

Overall, GoDaddy has made a lot of changes from its previous web hosting platforms. Their new generation of web hosting is pretty good and deserves its place as one of today’s leading web hosting providers. However, nothing is perfect and we recommend you take the time to compare their hosting features with some of our more recommended web hosts.

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