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Understanding Data in Google Analytics – Part 2 – Sources

By In Web Design On April 22, 2014

Google Analytics - Part 2 - Sources

Whether or not you are receiving the volume of traffic that you want to your website, it is important for you to know where your site visitors are coming from. When you know this, you can make better decisions about where to direct your marketing efforts going forward.

Google Analytics can give you information about the three main forms of website traffic sources to help you keep the traffic coming. Understanding the different ways that people can get to you will help you to more easily read and utilize information provided by your reports.

The following is a brief description of each type of website traffic:

Direct Traffic

As the name implies, direct traffic refers to any person that came to your site without first going somewhere else. Basically, this means that they either typed your URL into their web browser either manually or that they came to your site directly from their browser’s list of bookmarked sites.

Direct traffic can be more qualified than some other forms as by its very nature, these people are already familiar with who or what you are.

Referral Traffic

A person that clicks on a link from another site or blog—with the exception of a search result page—is considered to have been “referred” to your site. Referral traffic can help you learn what other elements are bringing prospective customers to you.

Search Engine Traffic

Google Analytics is able to identify how many people came to your site directly from the results page of a search query. The tool can also let you know which keywords or phrases people have used in their searches, helping you to refine your use of appropriate content.

Get to the Source

The more you know about where your customers are and how they find you, the better you can target them. Make sure to review this data from Google Analytics on a regular schedule and incorporate your findings into future plans and activities.

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