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Understanding Data in Google Analytics – Part 4 – Results

By In Web Design On April 30, 2014

Google Analytics - Results

You rely on your website to do and be many things but at the end of the day, its job is to sell. All the traffic in the world does not pay the bills, only sales do. Measuring this ultimate result from your website is therefore of huge importance to your business.

In sales terms, this is referred to as conversions – the number of people you have successful converted from prospects to customers. For eCommerce companies, conversions are based upon actual online sales. For non-eCommerce companies, customers that have requested more information from you via your website are counted as conversions.

Number and Rate of Conversions

You will want to collect both your total number of conversions for a given time period as well as the overall conversion rate of all visitors. This combination gives you the best window into the big picture. Your goal is not really a certain number of conversions but should rather be to obtain the highest percentage of conversions possible—with 100 percent obviously being your Nirvana.

The Big Picture

When you combine your conversion and visitor metrics, you can start to see the power of metrics. A trend of increasing site visits with decreasing or even flat conversions signals something is not working on your site. Add to that data showing where people may be leaving your site and you really have something to work with.

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