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How a Blog Can Help Your Website’s SEO

By In Web Design On May 20, 2014

SEO Benefits of a Blog

With the today’s emphasis on content marketing, having a blog on your website can really create positive effects on your website’s SEO results. A blog can be attached to your website or hosted separately. Either way, getting a blog is a good idea and here’s why:

Social Activity

Blogs are great for sharing and Google rewards sites with social shares. In addition to waiting for readers to share posts directly from blogs, businesses can share their blog posts on social sites to encourage this.


Blog content related to a site’s business or industry develops important backlinks to the site. High-quality content will generated more backlinks.

Page Count

The number of pages on a site is a search ranking factor. Every blog post counts as an individual page on a site, helping to improve SERP placement.


Through a blog, a company’s expertise can be showcased. This facilitates a stronger brand and increased credibility, especially when the content offers information that is truly useful to the audience.


HTML-based blogs are quicker and easier for search crawlers to scan and identify than Flash or JavaScript site pages. This makes a blog ripe for SEO rewards.

These factors are all highly important in the current world of SEO. Google Hummingbird is more and more concerned with quality content and a focus on the customer. A blog is an ideal vehicle to cultivate both of these things.

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