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How to Capitalize on Black Friday Searches

By In SEO On November 20, 2014

Cyber Monday website optimization

Black Friday is an annual shopping bonanza, and its electronic cousin, Cyber Monday, is fast catching up. Whether you run an e-commerce store alone, or a bricks and mortar store too, late November is a golden opportunity.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, stores will be ramping up their content and inbound marketing to try to bring in that critical extra revenue. Businesses with physical stores need to think about local search and get their content primed before the big weekend.

Local Optimization

Black Friday is primarily a US event, although businesses globally can capitalize on the buzz. If you have a local store, make sure that:

  • Your website contact information is accurate and prominent. Google looks for address and contact details to place your site locally, and it’s also a major trust signal
  • Any old versions of your address have been removed from the web
  • All relevant directories feature your full address and telephone number
  • Optimize your content for your location. This doesn’t mean keyword stuffing, or using unnatural keyword phrasing to jam your location into a phrase where it doesn’t belong. However, maps, directions and store-specific information all helps to give Google the right signals

Store Optimization

After Black Friday comes Cyber Monday: the biggest shopping day on the web. Regardless of your niche, it’s well worth optimizing early to capitalize on the swell in traffic.

  • Create content specifically themed on Christmas and the holidays. If you approach this strategically, you can use this as evergreen content every time Cyber Monday rolls around
  • Come up with a seasonal offer. Free shipping is always welcomed as the holidays approached, and it need not break the bank if you use economy services early
  • Use all your social media channels to push these offers: give them content that they can’t ignore
  • Give your new visitors lots of trust signals, like positive feedback, reviews and testimonials from real clients. Make sure each comment has a real name or source attributed to it


The gains are potentially valuable. In 2013, Cyber Monday online sales for department stores grew by 70.3 percent over 2012. Prepare now and you’ll make the most of the upswing in traffic.

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