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Intuit Web Hosting – Is it worth it?

By In Web Hosting On September 14, 2012

Intuit Web HostingIntuit is a large online company providing web hosting services along with providing a variety of online business services such as managing finances, small business pay rolls, and taxes. Intuit offers free online web hosting services with free website builders in exchange for a monthly service fee ranging up to $49.99 each month.

The goal behind Intuit’s expensive monthly service plans are to quickly and easily get a website and hosting account.  Intuit is meant for users who have no technological background and do not have a budget to hire a professional web designer. Intuit uses all template based websites so potentially, thousands  of customers can have the exact same looking website.

Is Intuit web hosting worth it? Intuit simply provides template based websites and includes a web hosting account with it. There is nothing special about it. While Intuit does provide several different plans, they can limit the amount of bandwidth, disk space, and pages, your website and hosting account can use. Bottom line, with Intuit’s monthly fees, it would be better to simply buy a separate web hosting account and install a WordPress website. WordPress is a completely free website builder.  Almost all web hosting companies provide easy to use instructions on how to install a WordPress website on their hosting account. And with the right web host, using WordPress instead of Intuit, can result in a better website with a much lower cost.

In conclusion, Intuit web hosting services are charging you for something that you can easily do yourself. You  can easily buy a web hosting account ( is a top recommended web host for WordPress) and install your own website using WordPress. The process is very easy and users with no technological background can do this.


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