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iOS 8 Will Change the Search Market

By In Social Media On September 24, 2014

DuckDuckGo search engine and IOS 8

Despite the bizarre name, DuckDuckGo is becoming one of the world’s favorite search engines. Its popularity is driven by its commitment to user privacy, something that major search providers don’t prioritize. By ditching things like tracking cookies, DuckDuckGo breaks free of the “remarketing” advertising model that is now commonplace on the web. The search company says that it doesn’t collect or share personal information.

There’s another difference too. DuckDuckGo gets results by querying other services, rather than relying on its own massive index. For example, if you search for recipes, it picks up results from Yummly. It also has its own ranking algorithm, and last month, it started to index bitcoin transactions.

Changing Tides

For now, DuckDuckGo holds a tiny share of the market, but this could change. It’s about to get its biggest break yet: it will be included as one of the search engines in iOS 8. Apple’s new mobile operating system is due for release next week, and DuckDuckGo will be one of the built-in search options for Safari.

On the one hand, the inclusion of DuckDuckGo marks renewed public interest in keeping our affairs private, and some of the high profile cloud leaks we’ve seen will be a contributor to that. DuckDuckGo will appease anyone that doesn’t want Google snooping in on search.

On the other hand, Apple will be keen to offer more alternatives to Google’s services as it continues to distance itself from its rival. The divisions that started with the YouTube and Google Maps sagas are only going to grow deeper over time.

Changing Settings

If you don’t want to search with Google or DuckDuckGo, you’ll also be able to choose Bing and Yahoo! in the search provider settings. DuckDuckGo will also be added to desktop search in the next version of Mac OS X. If DuckDuckGo picks up significant traffic, it could spark a new round of innovation in the search engine market.

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