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Is A Small Orange a Good Web Host?

By In Web Hosting On August 26, 2014

A Small Orange web hosting

A Small Orange may not have quite the name recognition of GoDaddy, 1and1, or some other web hosts but it is no newbie either. A Small Orange was founded and is operated by folks with more than sufficient industry experience. Its parent company is EIG. Any webmaster in need of web hosting should at least consider A Small Orange. We actually think more people than not will be pleasantly surprised when they do.

What Does A Small Orange Offer?

Following are some of the key features that should be considered when evaluating any web hosting provider and how A Small Orange stacks up:

  • Hosting Plan Options

There may be people out there who think the number of available plans from A Small Orange makes the decision process difficult. But, we think that there are more people out there who will appreciate the realm of choices. The breadth of plans comes pretty close to offering customized solutions for virtually any data and budget need.

Shared hosting plans include options for both individuals and businesses, understanding the unique needs of each. Reseller hosting is also available.

  • Drive Types

A Small Orange is among the leading hosting providers that offer solid state drives (SSDs) for all hosting plans. The speed that SSDs deliver cannot be matched by even the best traditional hard drive, giving this company a true competitive edge.

  • Bandwidth and Storage Limits

There is no shortage of companies that promise unlimited bandwidth and storage but there are few that actually deliver it. A Small Orange does neither. It simply offers what it says, plain and simple. With SSDs and many plans that included dedicated and virtual private server hosting, bandwidth and storage problems are not likely to be a problem.

  • Support

If you need support, don’t reach for the phone. But before you complain, listen up. Email support tickets are responded to within 30 minutes. Most other companies promise a response within 24 hours. Need we say more?

  • Hosting Management

While not a fully open source option, cPanel offers well-respected and industry-standard management capabilities with a great user interface.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Within the first 45 days of initiating hosting, users can cancel hosting and receive all money back. Thereafter, refunds will be prorated based upon the length of service.

Other features like the ability to have an unlimited number of email addresses per domain, including a “catch-all” email help to round out the offering from A Small Orange.

The Bottom Line

A Small Orange does a great job of offering web hosting solutions to a wide audience. Its success rate with support and uptime, coupled with its great variety of plans, should make it a contender for anyone looking for hosting.

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