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Is GoDaddy 4GH web hosting really that fast?

By In Go Daddy, Web Hosting On June 21, 2012

GoDaddy 4GH Web HostingGoDaddy is well known domain registrar on the internet, currently managing 53 million domain names worldwide. They are by far the largest and one of the most trusted domain name registrars in the world. In addition to selling domain names, GoDaddy also offers their own web hosting services to customers, which they call 4GH web hosting. But is 4GH web hosting really any better than other web hosting companies?

The answer is no. While GoDaddy is a great company for purchasing domains at an affordable price, their web hosting is not even close to being better than its competitors. GoDaddy has acquired a continued reputation for being one of the least favorable web hosting companies online. In addition to limiting customer bandwidth and disk, GoDaddy’s 4GH web hosting is not even that fast. Hosting companies like InMotion and HostGator provide far faster web hosting speeds and also grant unlimited disk space.

Do we recommend GoDaddy for web hosting? No. There are many other better web hosting companies to chose from. For a list of top web hosting companies, check out our web hosting directory.

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  • Morgot 7 YEARS AGO

    No Godaddy is not that good. Inmotion hosting is a much better web host. They offer faster speeds, better performance, and unlimited hosting. The godaddy basic hosting plan puts a limit on the bandwidth which is crazy because they charge so much.

  • Alex 7 YEARS AGO

    GoDaddy is just too difficult to setup. I would recommend going with a different web host.

  • Rebel 6 YEARS AGO

    GoDaddy was founded in 1997 as Jomax Technologies. Since then, they've rapidly grown into a well known domain registrar. They offer great domains, but not hosting.


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