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Local Search Benefits of Video

By In Social Media On June 3, 2014

Search benefits of video

Creating and uploading video content to your YouTube channel can help benefit your website in many ways. For local businesses, it can assist with local search results. Video can be a very beneficial means for your viewers as well. The trick is to make a video that can benefit both the viewer and your website. Here’s some basics on a few things that your local business should do for all the videos you create:

Provide Name, Address, and Phone Number

This information should be visible onscreen in the video—typically near the end of the video. It can also be read in the video script.

Geotag Video in YouTube

Make sure the full address is properly entered into YouTube for latitude and longitude display.

Add to Google Accounts

Both a business’ Google+ Local page and Google Places should feature videos prominently for good exposure.

Host on YouTube, Embed Elsewhere

There is really no reason not to host videos from YouTube, especially knowing that it is owned by Google. Videos should not remain there alone, however, but be embedded on companies’ websites and blogs as well.

Craft Good, Geo-Rich Descriptions

When posting a video to YouTube, a description is required and should clearly indicate what the video is about, use keywords appropriately and provide full geographical location information including name, address and phone number.

The above steps are simple things that businesses can do to get maximum mileage out of video assets for local search. Taking the time to do these things should be standard process.

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