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Penguin 3.0 Rolled Out Globally

By In SEO On October 23, 2014

Google Penguin 3.0 update

Google has unleashed another march of the angry penguins as its new Penguin 3.0 refresh rolls out.

The update is thought to affect around 1 percent of queries made in English on Google’s various sites around the world. It may also affect queries in other languages, although it’s not clear what the impact will be.

We’re seeing effects of the refresh already, but the update probably won’t be finished until the middle of November. This isn’t confined to one country and will be noted around the world.

What Penguin Means For You

Google’s Penguin updates are all about links. Google’s rolling out Penguin 3.0 to clamp down further on spammy backlinks to a site.

A spammy link is essentially one that doesn’t fit into a regular link profile. Google’s Pierre Far refers to Penguin’s detection of “webspam signals” in his Google+ post.

He also says that the new Penguin is a refresh of the algorithm, so there’s nothing actually new in it – it will just catch new offenders.

It’s not all bad news, though. If you’ve been caught out with a poor backlink profile in the past, and you’ve since tried to make amends, Google should reward you with a boost in search results. The refresh essentially means you get rescored – hopefully. Google might hold a grudge and never let your business recover if your unlucky.

Avoiding Penalties

The new Penguin update proves that it’s best to keep a clean backlink history and avoid spammy techniques. To avoid attracting angry Penguins:

  • Watch out for manual penalties sent through Google Webmaster Tools. These warnings will mention unnatural links
  • Contact webmasters who have published links asking for removal – which of course is a nightmare and unpractical
  • Remove articles from spammy locations like link farms and directories
  • Disavow unnatural links that cannot be removed – still wont get rid of a manual penalty though… you must remove those links
  • Place new links in relevant places that make sense contextually – until the next update where Google decides it doesnt like those

While the biggest recoveries won’t appear until the next Penguin update, you can still work on improving your backlink profile now to put yourself back in Google’s favor.

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