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What Social Media Platforms Should Your Business Use

By In Social Media On June 18, 2014

Social media for your online business

With a seeming explosion of different social media sites, small business owners and marketers can feel overwhelmed when trying to choose which platforms they should be using. Most small businesses do not have the bandwidth to be active on all sites so selecting two or three can be the best way to go.

In order to make the right choices, it is important to understand a bit about the options. The following is a brief overview of some of the most popular social platforms and where they each excel:


This is the site that put social on the map and its status as such makes it a go-to for any business. Facebook should be used primarily as a means of garnering visibility in a non-obtrusive manner instead of as a high-touch sales pitch.


This platform is growing in adoption, especially among younger users. If your business reaches this group, it can be highly effective. Twitter ads also offer great value that can offer a great reason to use this medium.


At this point, the biggest benefit of Google+ is improved SEO, something that any business can benefit from.


Pinterest is best for any business that markets primarily to women. One big benefit of Pinterest is that its audience is largely comprised of people in active shopping or research states.


This visual-based medium could be a contender for small businesses that market predominantly to people under 25. Content should be relevant and engaging but not necessarily “salesy” in nature. Instagram is as much about building a brand as it is about selling products.


LinkedIn really is the professional’s platform. For small consumer businesses, LinkedIn will be more beneficial for business owners than for the businesses themselves.

Some industries also have their own specialized social platforms. Houzz, for example, targets the home improvement industry and operates similarly to Pinterest with pins and boards comprised of visual content. If you cannot afford the time to generate content and activity on all social platforms you would like to, select the two or three you believe can help you the most and work them well. Being active and consistent on fewer platforms will generate better results than halfway efforts on more platforms.

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