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The Synergy of Facebook and Twitter Together

By In Social Media On May 5, 2014

Using Facebook & Twitter

Today’s social media realm includes a virtual plethora of platforms. Businesses can easily be overwhelmed by the number of sites that they could or should be present on. Most small and even medium sized businesses truly cannot be sufficiently active on all of them. Picking two or maybe three to start with and working them well can lead to good success.

Facebook and Twitter are commonly the two most selected social media platforms. They have longevity (as long as social media can have, that is) and, as such, they are the most widely recognized as the “standards”. Contrary to what many may think, utilizing Facebook and Twitter together is anything but redundant. Rather, it can provide tremendous synergy to businesses when properly implemented.

Emails vs. Text Messages

In the world of social media, Facebook could be likened to email whereas Twitter is more like SMS texting. Facebook offers the ability to drill into topics in more depth and does not limit the length of communications. With its limited number of characters per tweet, however, Twitter is really about immediate engagement and response.

Integrated Campaigns

Understanding this inherent difference between Facebook and Twitter offers marketers the ability to integrate the same message via both vehicles but in completely different ways and possibly even for completely different reasons. Use your own behaviors here as a guide. Most people feel a sense of urgency to read and reply to text messages but not to emails.

As an example, Facebook could be used to communicate information about an upcoming event while Twitter could be used to provide up-to-the minute details about it as it takes place. Facebook would then come back into play for a more in-depth recap.

Leverage the Power Wisely

Social media in general is about cultivating trust and relationships as a way to eventually driving sales. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest or something else, each platform has a different way of communicating and connecting with audiences. Smart businesses will take that into account when planning and executing their marketing strategies.

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