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Twitter Chat Follow Up

By In Social Media On May 13, 2014

Twitter Chat Follow Up

Twitter chats offer businesses a great way to showcase their knowledge, build trust, and increase visibility. If you are planning on hosting a Twitter chat, you no doubt have a checklist of things to do before and during your event. However, there are also some important things you can do after your tweet party to get even more mileage out of your effort.

Get the Word Out on Your Tweet Chat

Promoting your tweet chat before it occurs can help to increase your number of attendees. Certainly, you will hope that participants will share some of the comments from the session itself but you also can take the bull by the horn here.

Capture tweets from your event and promote them yourself. Posting them on other social media platforms connects your various marketing vehicles and strengthens your overall online network. Your blog, email newsletter and your website are also great for this.

Your post-tweet chat promotions could be a mix of messages. If someone submitted a really hard-hitting or funny comment, you could post that with a thank you message or a note simply highlighting the poignancy of it. Here you will want to know your audience—of both the Twitter chat and your other vehicles—and craft your content to that.

Say Thank You After the Twitter Chat

When someone participates in your Twitter chat, it is like opening a door to a potential relationship. You can now take the next step by sending a tweet thanking them for attending. This should be done for new or existing followers as it strengthens the connection with you for both groups.

Review Your Analytics

Be sure to review what went well and what could have gone better. Use this information for your future Twitter chats. As with any marketing effort, a focus on continual improvement is the way to truly succeed.

As the popularity and usage of Twitter continues to grow at a healthy pace, Twitter chats offer more and more power to your business. They can be an ideal way to establish and strengthen your brand and lead more prospects to your door.

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