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Web hosting advantages with a dedicated IP Address

By In Web Hosting On July 9, 2012

Dedicated IP AddressHaving a unique, dedicated IP address is beneficial in numerous ways for your website. Nearly all web hosting companies offer a dedicated IP address to their clients, even for those using a shared web hosting service. Some advantages for having a dedicated IP address for your website include security, additional software, opening non-standard ports, better SEO, and less likely IP Bans.

Most customers that purchase a web hosting plan, share the same ip address with numerous other customers that are hosted on the same server. This can lead to security issues. If you need an ecommerce website where you can sell items online, then having a dedicated IP address is very important. All SSL certificates require a dedicated IP address.

Many customers also use a dedicated IP address for the ability to run additional server side software. While this option is more suited for advanced users, certain software may require a dedicated ip address. The same goes to opening non-standard ports.

One of the main advantages for switching to a dedicated IP address is to protect your website against IP bans. If another customer is hosting an illegal website on the same web hosting server as yours and both are using the same IP address, outside websites and ISPs will not know the difference. If the illegal website is banned using their ip address, then your website will be too.

Finally, the last advantage to a dedicated IP is for SEO. Although it is not proven, many seo experts believe that google algorithms are programmed to include better rankings for sites with a dedicated IP address. This means that a website hosted with a dedicated IP address will rank higher than a website that is not.

Most dedicated IP addresses can be easily purchased from their web hosting provider. Typically the price ranges from $1/month to 4/month, depending on the web host. For a list of top web hosting companies, visit our web hosting directory.

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