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The Cheapest Web Hosting Companies

For those of you on a tight budget, the cheapest web hosting companies are sometimes the best option. Luckily, many web hosts out there already offer affordable hosting services, known as shared web hosting. Not all shared web hosts are equal. Although price is a very important factor when you’re strapped for cash, it’s also important to find an affordable web host that provides decent speed and reliability. Listed below are the cheapest web hosting companies that still offer good performance.

Awarded Best Choice for Affordable Hosting

SCORE Web Host Awarded: Review
98% iPage Cheapest Web Host Read Review
95% Web Hosting Hub Small Business Hosting Read Review
92% GreenGeeks Affordable & Great Performance Read Review


How much does a cheap web hosting account cost? It’s actually not that much. Nowadays the price to host a website is typically inexpensive, ranging anywhere from $2-5 a month. When you think about it, this price tag is literally a small price to pay for hosting your website. A small business website with more than 100 visitors a day can use this. That’s not that expensive! So what are some affordable places to host your website? Let’s see:

A Quick Guide to the Cheapest Web Hosts

iPage is one of the cheapest choices out there. They are the best choice for individuals and small business owners who really want a website for a low cost. Learn more


Web Hosting Hub
Web hosting Hub is a great choice for smaller websites that need fast & affordable hosting. They are well suited for small business owners. Learn more

GreenGeeks is another affordable web host. They are lesser known, but offer low prices and decent performance. Their shared hosting is expensive. Learn more


What Exactly is “Cheap” Web Hosting?

Cheap web hosting is just a term that is used for any type of web hosting that is inexpensive. Typically, it refers to shared web hosting, which is the least expensive hosting service. It’s the most common choice for people who need to run a website on a low budget. This type offers a unique opportunity for both individuals and small business owners to launch themselves online.

In Concusion…

If you want the absolute cheapest web host that still works, iPage is the one. For those running a business on a tight budget, Web Hosting Hub is an affordable & practical solution to get your website online. GreenGeeks is another good choice that offers affordable and reliable web hosting services to individuals & small businesses.