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What is the fastest web hosting?

By In InMotion, Web Hosting, Web Hosting Hub On June 13, 2012

Fast Web HostingWhen it comes to web hosting, a speedy web host is essential. The average internet user has limited patience in waiting for a website to load, and on average, will wait 3.5 seconds for the page to load. If a viewer is searching on Google for a certain topic, and clicks on your link, your website better load fast. If it doesn’t load within the 3.5 seconds, statistically, the user may decide to back out and visit another website that is listed on Google. That is a loss for your website. And for a business, any loss in traffic is a loss in revenue and potential customers. You could have the best website in the world, providing the perfect product for your customers, but if your website doesn’t load quickly, your customers will never even know about your product. That is why high speed web hosting is very important. But what exactly is the fastest web hosting company?

There are numerous web hosting companies out there, all providing different plans and packages. Most claim to be fast and reliable, but only a few of these web hosts are truly “high speed”. Unfortunately, even web hosts with well built networks and top tier infrastructures fail to produce high performance hosting because many of them try to maximize profits by sharing too much of their hosting server’s resources among too many clients. Sharing resources helps decrease cost and increase profits for a web host, but unfortunately, it also reduces the speed and performance as well.

2 Fast Web Hosting Companies:

  • – InMotion is a high performance web host often recommended for business web hosting. Their advanced server-side software and powerful data centers provide very fast web hosting with low latency. Their web hosting is one of the fastest & most reliable services.
  • – Web Hosting Hub is another web hosting company run by InMotion. It uses similar servers and runs on the same network. Hub is recommended for small business websites and produces high speed, reliable hosting.

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  • Webster 6 YEARS AGO

    Great post! I was using Hostmonster for my website and it was just so slow. I tried Hostgator and iPage. Still, very slow. Switched to Inmotion and I could immediately see the difference. Quality web hosting is important.

  • Bryant 6 YEARS AGO

    I would also recommend They are pretty fast.

  • Web Geek 6 YEARS AGO

    InMotion is a really good web hosting company. I would highly recommend you give them a try.

  • Erik 5 YEARS AGO

    Inmotion Hosting is the fastest by far. You might also want to try their sister company, That is just as fast and has a better price.


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