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Why iPage Web Hosting is Great for Small Websites & Blogs

By In iPage On June 14, 2014

iPage web hosting for small websites & blogs

Looking for a good web hosting company to host a small website or blog? iPage is a great choice for just such a thing. We highly recommend iPage for those who want to start a personal website or blog because of the price and ease of use. When you’re starting a small website or blog, you dont want to invest that much money in it at first. Affordability generally tops the list of hosting needs, but that does not negate the desire for good performance as well. iPage does a great job of offering the right mix of cost and functionality for their customers. With iPage, bloggers can enjoy:

iPage is Simplicity

Even the most inexperienced blogger can get things set up with the one-stop-shop options of iPage. While it does support CMS and web builder integration, a fully functioning blog can be created from the tools within iPage alone as well.

iPage has Great Support

With 24×7 support including email and live chat, there is always a way to get a question answered or a problem solved when you need it.

iPage Offers Affordability

Even the most meager blogging budget can afford iPage hosting. They often have sales that start at less than $2/month!

iPage has also released two new hosting plans (WP Starter & Essential) specifically developed for bloggers. They both offer a great hosting platform for starting a small blog or website with WordPress.  The level of functionality in their hosting plans are incredible. Yet they still keep it simple.  There are no complex widgets, finders, or other such tools.  iPage does a great job of packaging web hosting with the beginner audience in mind. It truly can make blogging accessible to virtually anyone. To learn more about iPage prices and features, visit

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  • Jacob 5 YEARS AGO

    I host my website with Ipage. They are a pretty good company. The price is unbeatable and the features are impressive. They have everything you would need. The only bad thing about them is their support. They have very poor customer support on the phone.


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