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Which WordPress Themes are Best for Beginners?

By In Web Design On March 27, 2014

WordPres themes for beginners

WordPress is no doubt one of the most popular website design environments around. With themes to fit a multitude of needs, it is equally viable for beginners and experienced developer alike. For beginners, the best way to maximize a WordPress experience is to choose a theme really designed for people new to WordPress.

Some of our favorite newbie-friendly WordPress themes are as follows:

Codium Grid Theme

Codium Grid

Codium Grid is possibly the easiest WordPress theme to use. The only real element it leaves to the user is content. It also includes some built-in tools for SEO to really get you off the ground in style.

Fresh Lite Theme

Fresh Lite

This is a fully responsive theme that offers slide bars and touch-friendly use. Fresh Lite works on all devices and is designed for beginners.

Fruitful Theme


Fruitful finds a great balance between ease of use and customizeability. This responsive theme helps new WordPress designers learn how to advance their skills.

Clean Retina Theme

Clean Retina

Also mobile ready, Clean Retina offers great functionality with its parent-child theme approach. This is great for sites that need to create this type of setup for their products or services. Multiple homepage and post layouts are able to have backgrounds and other elements customized.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of WordPress themes that are good for beginners but it can give you a place to start. From there, you can experiment with the other themes and tools in WordPress and learn as you go.

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